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RFQ: What helps Isaac to recommend the most suitable protective film for users? Suggestions and introductions on the selection of protective film

Good quality Stainless steel protective film for sales
Good quality Stainless steel protective film for sales
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Carpet protective film really sticks to the carpet. Very adhesive, sturdy, easy to install. With all traffic it didn’t come up or even tear.

—— Mike from UK

We appreciate your professionalism in your work and look forward to establishing long term business relationship with you in the future.

—— VY Khaw from Malaysia

Your film quality is good. I hope that we will be long and good partners.

—— The Anh Pham from Vietnam

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RFQ: What helps Isaac to recommend the most suitable protective film for users? Suggestions and introductions on the selection of protective film

Protective film users should know:

1. Different surfaces require different viscosities (adhesion strength).

2. Similar surfaces of different materials may require different viscosities.

3. Subsequent processing steps are the key to determining viscosity, such as, bending, stamping, cutting, drilling, thermoforming, etc.

4. Reasonable combination of thickness and viscosity.

5. The tensile strength and elongation of the protective film should be ensured so that the flexibility and strength of the protective film can meet the requirements.

6. The ultimate principle of protective film selection: adequate testing.



Protective film users should understand the characteristics of the material to be protected and give clear technical requirements to supplier.

1. What surface is to be protected? Such as metal type, plastic type, glass, high pressure laminate, stone, marble, granite, carpeting, painted surface, etc.

2. What is the texture of the surface? Smooth or glossy? Matte, textured or embossed? If coated, with what?

3. Subsequent processing: such as stamping, cutting, bending, punching, etc.

4. Film applying temperature?

5. Prolonged exposure to the sunlight / UV lighting?

6. High positive pressure (such as the bottom unit of a tall stack)?

7. High negative pressure (such as wind or something pulling the film away from the surface)?

8. Applying environment? High humidity? Moisture, rain, immersion?

9. How long must the surface be protected? Days, weeks, months, more than 6 months, more than a year?

10. What does the film need to protect the surface from? Abrasion, staining, scratching, etching, chipping, contamination?

11. Mold gap

12. Film peeling requirement

13. What other properties are required from the film? To be visible through the film? To stretch during stamping, forming or bending? To cut cleanly in a die press? To have optical grade clarity? To protect against ESD (Elestrostatic discharge)?

14. Other requirements: storage and transportation conditions, outdoor requirements, substrate color, printing or not.




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