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Product Technology: The benefits of anti-static PE protective film

Good quality Stainless steel protective film for sales
Good quality Stainless steel protective film for sales
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Product Technology: The benefits of anti-static PE protective film
Product Technology: The benefits of anti-static PE protective film

The LCD (liquid crystal display) is a device that is very afraid of static electricity, so the static electricity should be as small as possible when the protective film is applied or removed. If you feel static when you peel the PE protective film, it means this protective film causes static electricity. Please get close to the screen a little later, and slow down when peel off the protective film to reduce the generation of static electricity. The larger the size of the protective film, the stronger the static electricity. Of course, there are some brands in Japan (such as Japan's Fuji high-quality printing products have anti-static treatment) that their products will not cause static electricity no matter how quickly you peel them off. Therefore, they are designated as a specific material by high-end Apple users. Another advantage of the antistatic protective film is that it is easy to apply. Normally we apply our film in an ordinary environment in daily life. There is a lot of dust in the air. If protective film is static, the surrounding dust will be adsorbed on the protective film, resulting in many bubbles when the film is applied. Of course, for the manufacturer, the use of non-antistatic protective film is prone to contamination in production. It is much more convenient to produce with antistatic materials.

There are other special protective films, such as anti-bacterial protective film, color back stickers, stickers with color edges, 3D laser or diamond flash protection stickers. Now is an era of innovation. Nothing is impossible to the imagination of manufacturers. Let's slowly get to know it!




A general explaination of the hazard and protection of static electricity to electronic components:

Product Technology: The benefits of anti-static PE protective film



  1. Electrostatic adsorbs dust, changes the impedance between the lines, affects the function and service life of the product.
  2. The electric components will be inoperable (completely destroyed) due to that insulation and conductor of components are destroyed by the electric field or current.
  3. Due to the heat generated by the instantaneous electric field or current, the component is injured. Even though it still works, its service life is shortened.


  1. Operate site electrostatic protection. Static sensitive devices should be operated in an anti-static working area.
  2. Body's static protection. Operators wear anti-static overalls, gloves, work shoes, work hats and wrist straps.
  3. Static protection during storage and transportation. The storage and transportation of electrostatic sensitive devices cannot be carried out in the presence of the charge.
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