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Product Technology: Proportion of protective film glue (medium viscosity)

Good quality Stainless steel protective film for sales
Good quality Stainless steel protective film for sales
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Product Technology: Proportion of protective film glue (medium viscosity)
Product Technology: Proportion of protective film glue (medium viscosity)


One. Composition and characteristics
The protective film glue is an emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive which is obtained by emulsion polymerization of an acrylate monomer. Compared with solvent-based glue, it is safe to use and has no fire hazard. When coating, it is easy to clean, and the solvent-free exhaust gas is discharged without adversely affecting the environment. Water is used as the dispersion medium and this glue is less expensive to use.
Since the protective film glue is pure C type, it has the characteristics of high transparency and good aging resistance. Add special curing agent to adjust the peeling force and cohesion of the glue. Thereby, the temperature resistance and water resistance of the protective film are improved.


Two. Application range
It is applied to PE surface protective film, blue film, milk white film and etc. These films are suitable for protecting stainless steel plate, aluminum plastic plate, cabinet plate, electrophoretic aluminum profile, PVC plastic steel profile and etc.
It is also applied to BOPP, PET aluminized film surface protection film, etc. These films are suitable for protecting PVC plastic steel profiles, and etc.

Three. Physical properties

  1. Appearance: milky white with blue light
  2. Solid content: 40±1%
  3. PH value: 7 ~ 8
  4. Viscosity: 100 ~ 300 CPS
  5. Water resistance A: After making a protective film, put it directly into the water, soak it for 8 hours, take it out and dry it. Fold the protective film and let the glued side stick to each other, no deguming when unfold it. No glue failure after squeezing.
  6. Water resistance B: When 0.8% curing agent is added, it should be immersed in water for 1 hour and the surface should be free from obvious whitening.
  7. Temperature resistance: When protective film is applied to the protected substract and dried in an oven at 70 ° C for 48 hours, there should be no glue residue.


Four. Usage
Glue preparation: Pour the protective film glue into a container and stir while adding the right amount of water and curing agent. Continue to stir for 10 to 15 minutes after finishing adding water and curing agent.



  • 100 kg of protective film glue
  • self-debugging pure water
  • 0.4~0.5 kg of curing agent 



*Pure water should be reverse osmosis water, distilled water or ion exchange water. Do not add tap water or deep well water or mineral water.
*The amount of curing agent depends on the viscosity and cohesion. The specific amount depends on the coating machine and the surface to be protected.


Coating: coating can be applied by indirect coating of anilox roller or direct coating by anilox roller, or by wire roller coating or wire scraping, depending on the amount of coating.

Coating parameters:

  • Coating thickness: 5-10μM (dry glue)
  • Drying temperature: 80-100 ° C
  • Drying time: > 0.5 minutes
  • Curing time: 48 hours


If snow-like shrinkage occurs during coating, it is necessary to increase the surface tension of the substrate (such as PE) or reduce the surface tension of the glue.
The degree of drying of the protective film should be ensured to ensure that the moisture content in the adhesive layer is extremely low, otherwise the degree of curing is affected.
In principle, the prepared glue should be used up within 4 hours. But in actual use, in order to ensure the uniformity of the product, it is recommended that the amount of prepared glue is limited for 1 hour use.
If the leftover glue has been stored for a long time, we can add the curing agent and gradually mix it into the new glue. Do not use it directly.
Stripes appearing in wire roll coating or wire scraper coating can be eliminated with special equipment.


Five. matters needing attention

  1. The curing agent of protective film glue should avoid touching the skin. Wear protective gloves when preparing the glue. And avoid mouth and nose inhalation.
  2. Pay attention to ventilation in the workplace. In particular, the operating position of the coating head.
  3. Curing time should be more than 48 hours after finishing production and before shipping the protective film to customer.
  4. Container with curing agent should be sealed so that the agent doesnt come in contact with air.


Six. Storage, packaging and transportation

  1. Storage temperature: 5-35 ° C
  2. Storage period: six months from the date of production
  3. Packing: 50kg plastic drum or 200kg plastic drum
  4. Transportation: Car transportation. It belongs to non-dangerous goods.
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