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Product Technology: Method for detecting the quality of a protective film

Good quality Stainless steel protective film for sales
Good quality Stainless steel protective film for sales
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Product Technology: Method for detecting the quality of a protective film
Product Technology: Method for detecting the quality of a protective film

The parameters of the protective film can be divided into thickness and viscosity. Viscosity refers to the amount and quality of the glue coated, and the thickness is the total thickness of base film plus the glue. The quality of protective film is determined by the quality of the glue and the quality of the base film. So how do we know the quality of the protective film? Today we share with you a method of detecting the quality of protective film.

First, fold the glued side of PE protective film and knead, so that the glue and the glue are closely bonded together, and then unfold slowly, and the glue silk between the glue and the glue can not be longer than 0.2 mm (Glue silk should hardly be seen with a naked eye). So that the protective film is extremely unlikely to leave glue residue during use.

Secondly, it is also important to check the thickness of the protective film because it relates to the impact that the protective film can withstand. Generally, the thickness of the film is preferably about 50-90 microns. The thickness of protective film can be measured by a micrometer. It is not easy to accurately grasp by eyesight and hand touch, because the diameter of a hair is about 7 filaments, and it is difficult for hand to achieve this sensitivity. Some people use the scale to weigh the weight of each roll. In fact, the thickness of the paper tube and the glue of the protective film are different, so it is difficult to accurately grasp the thickness this way. Since the back of the film is also coated with a layer of glue, the thickness detected by the micrometer is the total thickness of the film plus glue. For the detection of protective film with different thicknesses, refer to the above steps, and so on.


Thirdly, test the toughness of the protective film. Stretch longitudinally from the length direction of the film and then stretch horizontally from the width direction of the film, because some of the film has different longitudinal and transverse toughness. Good toughness, good elasticity and elongation and strong impact resistance. Poor toughness, brittle and easy to tear and poor impact resistance. Of course, it is not good if the film is too soft and the stretch extension is too long. The film is easy to shrink, and the impact resistance is also poor. I hope that when choosing a protective film, pay attention to the brand, choose a regular factory product, and not blindly pursue cheap.

Finally, users are advised to buy it in time and not to store too much. Because seasonal changes, changes in temperature and humidity can affect the quality of the protective film. The protective film should not be exposed to the sun, nor should it be damp. It should be placed in a ventilated place. 

The color and specifications of the protective film can be customized according to the user's requirements. The commonly used colors are transparent, blue, black and white. Commonly used widths are 1000mm, 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm and so on. The length is in meters and is customized according to user requirements.

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