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Product Usage: Protective film helps you protect the finished product during the second decoration

Good quality Stainless steel protective film for sales
Good quality Stainless steel protective film for sales
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Product Usage: Protective film helps you protect the finished product during the second decoration
Product Usage: Protective film helps you protect the finished product during the second decoration

The secondary decoration of the house is usually a protective decoration. The valuable items that can be moved, such as home appliances and high-end furniture, should be evacuated from the construction site as much as possible and transferred to a safer place. If only partial decoration is carried out, the non-decoration part should be covered with a professional protective film for protection. The protective film is provided by a professional decoration company. The thicknesses are different and the texture can be soft or hard. It is recommended to combine soft protection with hard protection. For example, when partially decorating a bathroom, the sofa in the living room should be surrounded by a soft cloth and covered with a protective film. The composite floor to be protected needs to be covered with a protective film. The more expensive solid wood floor should be covered with a protective film and then lay a layer of hard gypsum board or cement pressure board.

During the second decoration, the protection of furniture has always been the key protection object, especially some high-end furniture. Just in case that when the decoration is busy, these furniture is knocked and broken. Here, ISAAC protective film Company will give you some suggestions. If you want to re-lay the floor, you must remove all the furniture from the construction site. The furniture placed in the construction space should be covered with a professional protective film. For high-end furniture, consumers can first use soft cloth, plastic film and other materials to deal with it, and then cover the professional protective film to achieve double protection.


In the house under second decoration, many lamps, especially chandeliers, do not need to be eliminated, and most of the high-grade lamps are difficult to clean once they are smeared. At this time, the protective film should also be covered on the lamps. After the lamp is covered protective film, avoid keeping the lamp on for a long time. Otherwise the accumulated heat may cause a safety accident. In addition, the switch panel on the wall and the electronic communication equipment at the entrance door should also be protected.


When doing re-decoration of the house, protection measures should be taken to protect those furniture and windows that are not being demolished. The cost of protective film is only a small expense compared to the cost of furniture repair, so the residents who want to carry out re-decoration must consider using protective film. Do not avoid using it because it is a trouble and there is an extra expense.

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