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How to choose adhesive for your protective film?

Good quality Stainless steel protective film for sales
Good quality Stainless steel protective film for sales
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Carpet protective film really sticks to the carpet. Very adhesive, sturdy, easy to install. With all traffic it didn’t come up or even tear.

—— Mike from UK

We appreciate your professionalism in your work and look forward to establishing long term business relationship with you in the future.

—— VY Khaw from Malaysia

Your film quality is good. I hope that we will be long and good partners.

—— The Anh Pham from Vietnam

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How to choose adhesive for your protective film?

There are several kinds of adhesives that are used to manufacture protective

film. For example, water-based acrylic, solvent-based acrylic, hot melt adhesive

and natural rubber. The most expensive adhesive may not be the most suitable.

It is important to use the right adhesive on certain surfaces so that we can avoid

residue after removel. Following are some information for different adhesive. It

will help you to konw the adhesives better.


The water-based coating adhesive is emulsified acrylic or polyurethane resin 

with water as solvent through specialized equipment. The biggest advantages 

are varieties, environmentally friendly and low price. Nowadays most coatings 

are water-based glue. For example, general water-based PA, water-based PU, 

as well as functional slurry such as oil feeling slurry, wax feeling slurry, color 

scraping slurry and so on. Water-based adhesive with its functionality, 

environmental protection and low price will be the future direction of coating. 

The disadvantages are low film forming ability and poor wash fastness, and PU 

can not paste hot glue, not fitting foam, other foam products.


Secondly, solvent-based coating adhesive is dissolved acrylic or polyurethane 

with oily solvent such as toluene, DMF, butanone and etc. The advantages are 

good film forming ability, good fastness and PU can paste hot glue. This 

adhesive is commonly used now. The disadvantage is  that it is not 

environmentally friendly due to the usage of oily solvent. And the cost is too 

high. In order to reduce the cost, some bad oil solvents are used, so it causes 

environmental pollution. In addition with further improving national 

environmental standards in many countries, so the environment protection 

requirements of solvent-based is increasing, too.


Hot melt adhesive is one kind of pressure-sensitive adhesives. Synthetic 

rubber, resin, rubber oil and other ingredients are mixed together and heated 

into molten state, and then coated on cotton paper, cloth or plastic films or 

other substrates, which finally forms the new type of adhesive tape. Low cost 

is its biggest advantage. But the viscosity can be easily affected by 

temperature, which is a big disadvantage. Hot melt adhesive is mainly used for 

various types of box sealing, case sealing, paper packaging, beverage bottle 

labels, sealing aluminum foil, flexible packaging and other packaging. It has 

strong adhesive to many materials that are difficult to stick, such as various 

kinds of PET which are glazed, polished, matte and PP laminated, PP 

transparent case, thin film, non-woven products, cosmetics packaging, food 

packaging, cigarette packaging, tetra pak drinking packaging, assembling 

furniture edge, electronics, automotive interior decoration sealing, car lamps 

manufacturing, windscreen assembly, non-woven sanitary towel, diaper, paper 

diaper, shoe pad, disposable daily necessities, paper coated composite mark, 

label double-sided tape, sticky mouse board, sticky fly paper, wooden floor, 

carpet lamination, Band-Aid, medical tape, color boxes packaging, carton 

packaging glue and so on. Good thermal stability, no impurities, good 

operability and excellent weather resistance are all its advantages. Aluminum 

foil sealing hot melt adhesive is unique with waterproof properties.


Tell us your requirements or send us your substrate sample, our professional 

technicians will recommend the most suitable adhesive for you.


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